Your Face Can Actually Reveal The Secrets Of Your Health!

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Maybe you are not satisfied with what you see in the mirror, but your face can actually reveals the secrets of your health. Thus the white circles on the iris of the eye are an excellent indicator of high cholesterol in the blood, as well as fatty deposits on the sclera, while drooping eyelids may be a sign that it is a Bell’s palsy, a disorder of optic nerve.



People with big nose are less likely to be attacked by microorganisms as they tend to have more hair in the nose which prevent the entry of the parasite.

Dark tongue indicates that bacteria is accumulating in the mouth, which may be the result of poor oral hygiene, resulting in smoking or taking antibiotics.

Skin discoloration indicates the presence of diabetes or high blood pressure, a brown patches on the skin suggest enhanced estrogen secretion.

Thinning hair indicates hyperactivity of the thyroid gland, while thinning eyebrows suggest that thyroid works with weakened capacity.

Redness on the cheeks may be due to skin problems like rosacea, and may be an indicator of increased secretion of cortisol.




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