Why Some Women Have Excessive Hair On Their Chin?

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Every woman is gone through it – threw a look in the mirror and saw the hair on her chin that grew virtually overnight.You need to know that you are not alone, even though you think you are, because most women do not talk about it.




“The hair on the chin are the result of a combination of genetics and hormones. Male hormones in the body, and general hormonal balance, play a major role in the occurrence of these hairs,” said Hadley King, a dermatologist in New York.

Depending on how much your hair follicles are sensitive to hormones, the hair will be weak or strong, and it is determined by genetics. So, if your grandmother was having trouble with them, and so you will.

These hair on the chin can start to grow at any time, but most women say it will happen at a later age, because then changes the hormonal balance and the easiest solution is tripping. If there are more, you can turn to laser treatments.

A phenomenon itself is not alarming. But, if they appear, accompanied by irregular periods, a large body hair all over the body and face, and obstinate acne, it is possible that you are suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome, and definitely should consult a doctor.




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