What Your Month Of Birth Reveals About Your Health?

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Research done by scientists at Columbia University found a link between month of birth and human health. Experts say that precisely a month of birth has an influence on the development of certain diseases.




Doctor Nicholas Tatonetti, a professor at Columbia University Medical Center, with his team of experts made a research on the impact of month of birth on the development of certain diseases.

They studied the medical records of more than one million patients treated at New York Presbyterian Hospital between 1985 and 2013. The results of this study coincide with those of earlier studies carried out in Sweden, Denmark and Austria.



Experts say that the chances of ailments from asthma is significantly higher in people born between July and October, and the risk of developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in people born in November.

People born in March often gets arrhythmia, congestive heart failure and valvar heart disease. The good news for people born in May – the chances of developing chronic diseases are extremely small, as opposed to those born in October.

These data will help scientists uncover new factors that influence the development of disease. It is important that now people are not too upset because of these results.

Although we found significant links, generally speaking the risk of disease is really small. Especially the risk associated with the month of birth in comparison to a lot of influential factors such as diet and physical activity, concluded Tatonetti.




Source: http://zadovoljna.dnevnik.hr/clanak/sto-mjesec-rodjenja-otkriva-o-vasem-zdravlju—388669.html

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