USDA Gives The Green Light For U.S Chickens To Be Shipped To China For Cheap Processing And Then Brought Back Home For U.S Market!

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The USDA announced that they are ending the ban on processed chicken products from China, which means they are going to be sold in United States without the specified point of origin.



Many people don’t like the idea to consume chicken products from China that haven’t been inspected by the USDA supervisors and inspectors.

This year was catastrophic in the terms of live fowl found in fresh meat markets in China. Rat meat passed on in the street markets and dead pigs found in the waters of Shanghai…  Do you approve the decision of the USDA to allow chicken meat import from China?

The process starts off in the United States where the chickens are being slaughtered and afterwards shipped to China to be processed and exported back to the States.

The New York Times claimed that no USDA inspectors will supervise the meat processing, which means that people who will be consuming this meat will have no knowledge of the point of origin of the meat.

What this means for the consumers is that you won’t be able to recognize if the chicken nuggets you are eating come from China or the United States.

Food Safety News aims to spread awareness of the pending USDA agreement and stop Chinese-processed chicken from ever reaching supermarkets or school lunchrooms.




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