This Is A Map Of The Stomach, A Pain In These Parts Shows Which Problems You Have!

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The stomach occupies a very large area, and pain can occur in any part of the stomach. But that actually plays weighed role in the early diagnosis of the problem. More than 90% of people are often faced with the pain in the stomach, while most of them do not know why the stomach hurts them just in a particular place.



Sometimes that part does not necessarily mean anything, but can sometimes reveal a lot about your health. If you experience abdominal pain that lasts longer than 2 weeks, then it’s time to visit a doctor to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. The stomach is divided into 9 different areas like the dial on your mobile phone and locating of pain can help determine the cause of pain.

These are problems associated with the respective parts of the stomach:

  1. Stone in gall bladder, stomach ulcers, inflammation of the pancreas;
    Peptic ulcer, acid reflux, indigestion, inflammation of the pancreas, gallstones, epigastric hernia;
    3. Peptic ulcer, duodenal intestine, bile duct obstruction, inflammation of the pancreas;
    4. Gallstones, inflammation of the urinary tract, constipation, lumbar herniated;
    5. Inflammation of the pancreas, the early stages of appendicitis, stomach ulcers, umbilical hernia;
    6. Gallstones, diverticular disease, constipation, inflammation of the colon;
    7. Appendicitis, constipation, pelvic pain – gynecological problems (endometriosis, etc.), Pain in the groin – inguinal hernia;
    8. Inflammation of the urinary tract, appendicitis, an inflammation of the colon, pelvic pain –
    gynecological problems, diverticular disease;
    9. Diverticular disease, pelvic pain – gynecological problems, pain in the groin – inguinal hernia.




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