This Shampoo Saved My Hair, It Can Help You Too !!!

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This is a recipe for a home made shampoo that prevents hair loss, stimulates rapid growth, restores the shine of your hair, the volume and elasticity. Verified recipe that works 100%

The hair is a symbol of femininity and beauty, but unfortunately due to treatments with chemicals (dyeing), heat (drying using a hair blower, leveling), tying and inadequate care, the hair breaks, it becomes dry and damaged..

All these factors combined with the daily stress and changes in the body cause accelerated hair loss.

To mitigate the loss of hair and to contribute to its beauty, we recommend this shampoo.

Simply prepared, and 100 % effective. After several washes you will notice that the hair will be stronger and brighter and only after one or two months of regular use you will notice a new hair growth and greater volume.

Without further delay here are the ingredients you will need…




-Common Nettle shampoo (plain)

-Pantenol – 100 ml (aqueous)

-Common Nettle drops – 30 ml

– AD vitamin drops 30 ml of an aqueous solution

– 2 pills of vitamin B

– Castor oil


* All ingredients are purchased at the pharmacy.



Preparation procedure:


In 750 ml shampoo of Common Nettle shampoo mix the panthenol 100 ml bottle, all the bottle drops of Common Nettle the AD vitamin drops and the castor oil and stir well.



Use this shampoo as you would use any other regular shampoo, just give it a good shake before use and give your scalp a good massage with it. Rinse good and you can use any hair regenerator of your choice.

Believe it or not, this shampoo is a real vitamin bomb for your scalp, and therefore also for your hair.

The reason why this shampoo works so good lies in its ingredients, so here’s what each and every one of them does for your hair:


Common Nettle:

Accelerates peripheral circulation and nutrition of the skin on your head and accelerate metabolic processes inside the epidermis. Consequently, this allows all the other ingredients of this shampoo to be absorbed faster and better.



Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) acts on the preservation of the correct function of the scalp and the stimulation of the regenerative processes.


Castor oil:

Strengthens the cuticle of the hair. It is rich in vitamin E and ricinoleic acid. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant and it prevents the action of free radicals and their harmful effects on the skin of the scalp and hair roots.



The Castor oil, despite of its regenerative properties it also acts as an antifungal (destroys the fungus responsible for the onset of dandruff).

This oil acts protective, calming and refreshing on the skin of the scalp, while its thick and sticky consistency removes dead cells from the scalp and thereby prevents clogging of follicles that would affect  the slow growth.


AD vitamin drops:

Vitamin A acts on various physiological functions in the human body, which is important for hair and its regenerative effect on the scalp, i.e. the differentiation of the epithelial tissue.







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