What do you need to change in your lifestyle if you want to lose weight?

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If you are one of the persons who constantly suffers from overweight, you should first see a doctor to make sure that it does not hide behind this a health problem. If your health is all right, then you need to make changes in terms of your lifestyle. To achieve slimness and stay slim is not easy. Behind that is a dedication to a healthy lifestyle.



It leads nowhere, except that the body will not function normally. Also you shouldn’t deny yourself even one type of food, unless you are allergic to some. You can become and remain slim even if you eat all, the key is to be moderate.


Lack of sleep

If you do not have the habit to sleep 7 hours each day, then do your best to acquire it. Without these 7 hours your body is under increased stress and hunger hormones are increased. Lack of sleep is the leading cause of overeating and cravings for snacks.


Excessive alcohol intake

It has been shown that alcohol increases craving for unhealthy foods. Alcohol interferes with your ability to estimate whether you and how much you are hungry. Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach, and have a healthy snack, because you will surely at some point want to have a bite. In addition, alcohol also makes you fat, so make sure the volume.


Skipping meals

If you skip breakfast, you will overeat at lunch. The same applies to skipping lunch, that is, it is very likely that you’ll overeat for dinner. Hunger hormone, ghrelin, and the satiety hormone, leptin, are perfectly level when you eat every 4 hours.




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