Natural recipe that cleans the eyes, reduced cataracts and restores vision in 3 months – You can even avoid surgery!

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Vision is very important and we need to strengthen and protect. Although we have a diopter, we must not relax and think there is no help. Further increase in the diopter you can prevent with a healthy diet and the use of this natural remedy.





Vitamin A is an essential vitamin for vision, and found in carrots and oranges, raspberries, roses, etc. Eat more carrots and oranges. Vision can improve and with use of this medicine on the eyes.


4 cups of boiled water
4 teaspoons raspberry leaf
1 cup of rose petals


Put the ingredients in a cup of boiled water. Once cool, strain the mixture. Rinse eyes with prepared drug. You will notice an improvement. Of course, avoid watching in the screen for a long time hours.

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