IMPORTANT: Find Out What Your Face Says About Your Health!

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 Our face can tell us a lot of our health but very often we really do not notice or do not give the importance of the skin, and we must!





Yellow patches around the eyes, nose or mouth

This may be due to its high cholesterol, and the disease is called xanthelasma and it is a yellowish growths on the skin of the eyelids or nose. These often occur in the female population, and these changes occur in middle age. If you regulate nutrition and cholesterol, then you can solve the problem.



Pale skin

The reason is that not enough blood reaches your skin and this may be due to a lack of red meat. It is caused due to iron deficiency and it affects more than 1.6 billion people in the world. Its symptoms are pale skin, sometimes dark circles around the eyes.



Cracks in the corners of the mouth

This is known as angular stomatitis may occur in people who lack vitamin B2 and B3. These from vitamin have anti-inflammatory properties and because of their lack may appear very red skin and cracking on the edges of the lips.




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