How to lose weight in specific areas?

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First of all we need to demystify nutrition myth that there is a list of foods that ” magical ” dissolve excess fat. Another big myth is that these foods, or certain diet program, selectively ” melts’ fat only in specific, targeted and desired areas of the body.



This is self-deception and it is pure energy loss. In addition, each of us has a different constitution, muscle tissue, basal metabolic rate and other parameters, so that the diet program for you to be the best if it is designed individually tailored to your physical indicators.
Aerobic activities melts excess fat

Fatty tissue is primarily melts with targeted program of physical activity that will make it for you a specialists kinesiologists. It is necessary the work of the largest muscle groups (legs and arms) to burnt fat in areas where it has a surplus. So aerobic activity – running, swimming, bike, rowing, – will contribute to effective weight loss program.

To achieve this you need to align food, a food that could help you with that is green (yellow or white) tea instead of coffee, in quantities of three to four cups a day, before physical activity. It is recommend a dietary supplement in the form of pure liquid L-carnitine (1500 mg) prior to the training.
If you want to melt fat, forget about foods rich in sugars and starches (sweets, biscuits, white bread and white rice, potatoes more servings a day), as well as fruit carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks. Also important is the intake of quality protein, such as those from fish, chicken and turkey (without skin), beans, lentils, soybeans, oats and yogurt and lean fresh cheese, and whey.
Several times a day eat unpeeled apples, and fibrous vegetables – broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage. For the elimination of cellulite and fat on the thighs benefits bitter vegetables (artichokes, radicchio, arugula, asparagus) and fresh tomatoes rich in potassium. Avoid grapes. Use the principles of the Mediterranean diet, and the results will follow.




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