How To Eliminate Fat From Stomach And Make Perfectly Shaped Abs!

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All the December and January holidays are passed, the days are longer, and the spring will knock on the door any moment. If your goal is a flat stomach, then you need to access strategic, because lengthy and painstaking exercise does not guarantee that you will achieve your goal.





Flat stomach is 80% diet and 20% exercise, and of these 20% only 10% are abdominal exercises. This means that the fat from the abdomen cannot remove only doing sit-ups! It is also important proper nutrition and cardio workout. For starters, the fat of the abdomen consists mainly of refined sugar, processed and fatty foods, alcohol and foods that contain a lot of salt. Our system simply loses battle with those groceries and it is necessary to avoid them.

Now, the good news! Foods that enter the body must be quality, but quality distributed, which means you will eat less, but more. It is advisable to enter 3 main meals throughout the day and 2 small snacks. Small and quality meals help us to keep our body full throughout the day, and here especially important is breakfast, which gives us energy. This diet also prevent late meals, which are among the main culprits for the fat of the abdomen.

Breakfast should be plentiful. Allow yourself enough carbohydrates and protein, and eat breakfastr1 hour after you wake up. You can also drink a glass of low fat milk. For snack eat something fat, the best would be a handful of almonds or unsalted peanuts. Then, for lunch repeat the combination of protein and carbohydrates, but quality ones, as boiled potatoes. Following another snack which can be fruits, whole vegetables or crackers. Dinner should be easy, and many would be better to combine proteins and fats. A good choice would be lean cheese with olive oil, lettuce with tuna and similar foods.


Golden rules for eating:

1.Always eat breakfast.

2.Preferred is a combination of protein and carbohydrates as well as protein and fat. It is not good to combine carbohydrates and fat, especially if it comes to mergers butter and potatoes (French fries).

3.Avoid too late to eat fruit and do too much to combine it with other products. A good combination is fruits that contain water and green leafy vegetables and don’t the mix add vegetables containing starch.

4.Allow yourself one day for cheating. Only one day a week you can eat a meal that does not fall under nutrition. It will not hurt you!

Measure your waist and follow the results. Measuring scale can often deceive us, because it still does not know how many kilograms are muscle, and how fat. By measuring the waist will be the best way to recognize the results.


Exercise – 100 sit-ups or not?

When you adjust the diet with exercise will speed up the removal of fat from the abdomen and will compose the body. Be moderate exercise several times a week, but don’t skip the workout with light weights because they help in melting fat. An example of good practice could be a good stretching, heat 10 to 15 minutes on the treadmill, then followed by a series with weights and finally, intense cardio workout. Do not forget another stretch of the end of training. Finally, abdominal exercises. Keep them in moderation and when you remove fat from the abdomen, increase your abdominal exercises until you reach the desired shape. If you don’t want to go to the gym, you can do workout at home.





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