Get Those Kidney Stones Out With This Miracle Cure!

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The kidneys have a vital role in the body. They filter through toxic waste in the body and keep the sodium and salt at normal levels, too. But they too, require a cleansing once in a while. They are fragile since they are hit by salt and toxins all the time. Or even sand, stones and other pollutants. To prevent this toxic buildup, detox your kidneys.




-Handful parsley or coriander



How to prepare it:

Take the parsley and chop in big pieces. Put them in bowl/pot and soak with water. Cover his and put it to heat to boil for 15 minutes. Remove from heat, let it cool and strain before refrigerating.


How to use it:

Drink one cup of this remedy on a daily basis. Drink it cold. Urine will change in color after a day or two. This is since the kidneys will be cleansed from toxins.

Also, from the leaves make tea. Just mix them and let them sit under lid 30 minutes. Consume twice daily for a whole month.

Parsley also has some other health benefits, it relieves PMS and cramps. Not just those 2 herbs but also kidneys benefit from detox with watermelon, apples, lemons. Use a lot of olive oil too to make the stones leave system easier.

However, if you have big troubles with the kidney stones, you need a lot of healthy liquids and hydration, not just parsley tea. This tea is natural and really healthy, especially for women, NOT pregnant ones though!




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