You Exercise In Vain: These Are 7 Reasons That Are Affecting The Accumulation Belly Fat!

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When it comes to figure, the dream of every woman is flat and toned stomach. But, for various reasons, many in this fail. You can try, exercise and waive the food as much as you want, if you do these seven things, although at first glance does not seem to have nothing to do with getting fat in the stomach, you will never reach the goal.

Doctor Marilyn Glenville, author of the book “Fat in the middle,” revealed the bizarre reasons why you do not have a flat stomach and the desired contour of the abdominal muscles, writes Daily Mail.


  1. Chewing gum

Because of it you swallow a lot of air, which is trapped in your digestive tract. This causes bloating and gas. The same can happen and while running, speeding, eating, talking while eating and drinking beverages through a straw.


  1. Eat too fast

If you eat in a hurry, the body is under stress because of the rush. It responds to stress by “escape” or to “lay low”, and the energy needed for digestion at the time is directed to your extremities. The body then literally “closes the functions” for digestion, and food stagnates and ferments, and that is why you are puffed up and have gas.


  1. Stress hormone

Cortisol is the most common reason for collecting fat on the abdomen. Our bodies are “programmed” to react in the stressful situations by escaping or calming. But the problem is that today most people are under chronic stress because they are late for a meeting, on the bus, because of work, family …

The body is no longer distinguished these situations. It expects that you will react to the stress with physical action. If you do not react, like most of us don’t, the food will be deposited as fat in the body. The reason why is deposited on the waist it is because it is close to the liver, and is rapidly converted into energy if necessary. Thus, the body naturally prepares for another attack of stress.


  1. Not getting enough sleep

    People who are sleep deprived have increased appetite, because lack of sleep lowers levels of the hormone leptin and ghrelin. The first regulates appetite, and the other has a role in long-term regulation of body weight. If the sleep is disturbed so are and function of these hormones.


  1. The bacteria in the stomach

    We all have good and bad bacteria in the body, which also affect the metabolism and fat burning. Lifestyle can damage the bacteria as well as antibiotics, a diet high in sugar, stress and alcohol. After it’s cut off, it will be reduced and the deposited fat in the abdomen.


  1. The water retention after menstruation

    This does not mean that you should reduce your intake of fluids, because these can cause bloating. The body in this case thinks it should keep the water until it gets more.


  1. Too much salt

    If you eat too much salt then too much water is accumulates in the body because it is more difficult to throw out. You should increase water intake, reduce salt and the body will just be cleaned of excess retained fluid.



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