Dry brushing: A five minute method that erases cellulite in 3 weeks!

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Do you want this holiday season to shine in a little shorter skirt or narrow trousers without fear that you will emerge unwanted orange peel, this technique will come to the rescue at the last minute.




Dry brushing skin can be found offered in many wellness and beauty salons as a kind of anti-cellulite massage with which to make your skin bright and shiny, but you can easily perform at home. Beside in cosmetic, this technique for centuries is used in Russia, Turkey and Scandinavia, and has many health benefits, from boosting the immune system by detoxifying the body.

For dry skin brushing, you need only brush made of natural fibers and about five to a maximum of 10 minutes a day and after a few days you see the first results.

Skin brushing:

  1. Removing dead cells
  2. We stimulate faster growth of new, particularly connective cells that are responsible for the strength and elasticity of our skin.
    By stimulating circulation and massage smash and fatty deposits under the skin which reduces the visibility of cellulite.

As we said this technique improves blood and lymph flow in the body which results in a better transport of oxygen to the cells of our skin, but also encouraging the expulsion of toxins from our body. This is why in detoxifying programs such as Detox Mg proposed dry brush as one of the activities, along with a healthy diet, can further accelerate detoxification.

For a complete removal of toxins from our body and reduce cellulite every day you have to brush your skin at least three weeks. Dry skin brushing is best carried out just before showering, and for even better results after treatment, shower with alternating hot and cold water.

How to implement dry brushing?

With brush from natural fiber brush the skin with long, straight movements starting from the legs, from the feet up, then hands, from hands to shoulders. Back brush from the top down and bottom-up belly. This will direct the lymph brushing towards the heart so do not brush in the opposite direction because it directs the lymph from the heart, which can cause additional burden veins and lymph nodes. You can brush your face, or use a smaller and softer brush.




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