Do You Have Greasy Hair? This Tips Will Definitely Help You!

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Most girls and women have a problem with oily and messy hair. No matter how many times it is washed, your hair remains the same. We give you some firsthand tips that will certainly help.




Try to wash your hair with lukewarm water because hot water further stimulate your sebaceous glands.

Never rub your hair or scalp, but mild massage it with your fingertips.

Try shampoos that have addition of clay, because it absorbs oil.
Baby Powder, a trick known as a dry wash.

In a nylon sock put some powder and wrap around the brushes so that the prongs brushes goes through the sock and now brush your hair until has powder left in it. After that take an ordinary brush thoroughly to get rid of excess powder. Your hair will get the volume and will act purely you need to wash it before going to sleep, and try to do it with a shampoo based on lemon.




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