They Deceived Us For Decades! Harvard Was Bribed To Claim That Fats Are More Dangerous For Heart Disease Than Sugar!

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The sugar industry has given money to distinguished scientists to present saturated fats as responsible for the deterioration of health. According to the latest documents published in the leading medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine, revealed secret kept for years: sugar industry bribe scientists to prestigious Harvard to release a study that diminish the link between sugar and heart disease and to display saturated fat as the main culprit for the deterioration of health.

Christin Kearns, Laura Schmidt and Stan Glints of the University of California examined the historical reports and found thousands of pages of correspondence and other data show that the leading sugar industry have made great efforts in order to focus of the connection of the food and heart disease to switch from sugar to fat, and one method has been and scientific research.

Then, in fact, did not even lead too many accounts as to whether the parties who are involved in a conflict of interest, which meant that people from the industry can work closely with scientists and look for “correcting” the report until you are satisfied. And not even have to register their participation.


Ethical move

However, the past few years, scientists reviewed the claims that are fat harmful for the heart. So have several times pointed out that ejection of butter, cream and fatty meat from the diet may do more harm than good. Some warned that the claims that a diet rich in fats are bad for the arteries are based on misinterpretations of scientific studies. There were also doctors who have said that it is time to debunk the myth about the role of saturated fat to heart disease. Professor at New York University, Marion Nestle, was shocked.

“All this was done publicly, and bribery was quite a lot. Funding research is ethical move, but bribing scientists to create evidence that you need, it is not, “she wrote in an editorial published with the new discovery.

The controversial study published in 1967 in The New England Journal of Medicine. The study was sponsored by Sugar Research Foundation, today’s Sugar Association, which has three hardware scientist paid about $ 50,000. This trio is no longer alive.



One of the corrupt, Mark Heisted, later became chief nutritionist at the US Department of Agriculture. It was he who in 1977 helped draw up the government’s guidelines on nutrition. Another scientist, writes The New York Times, was Fredrick J. Stare, head of Harvard’s Department of Nutrition, and the American Medical Association report of 1962 warned that diets low in fat but high in carbohydrates stimulates the formation of cholesterol.

At a time when scientists started talking about sugar as a risk factor of cardiovascular disease, the association has paid Harvard professors to publish a study that responsibility to heart disease switched to saturated fats and cholesterol. Well margarine replaced butter because it has less saturated fat, and food manufacturers have begun to remove fat from the product and add sugar. The impact of these changes on the health of the population is immeasurable.


Conflict of interest

– Large amounts of sugar and saturated fats are harmful to health and their effects is difficult to separate, but it is reasonable to limit the amount of sugar – says Professor Nestle. Today the industry has given a lot of money to funded scientific research, but newspapers and scientists are discovering sources of funding. Since 1984 there is a regulation on conflict of interest.

From Sugar Association announced that it is difficult to comment on something that happened 50 years ago and that the documents have never seen.


Olja Martinić: Sugar is not for long time implemented, it is difficult to say how much it is harmful

Dietetics is an exact science and content. Sugar in the diet does not have such a long application to be able to say how much is or is not harmful to our health. In fact, its use and application and started only after World War II.

To know that certain foods affect the health, should go and forty years, and for some it is necessary to exchange two generations, because I do not believe in conspiracy theories – says nutritionist Oils Martinić and adds that sugar for last 20 years experienced expansion in such an atmosphere is associated with coronary heart disease and cardiovascular system. Because we are talking about large amounts of sugar in certain foods.

Today, however, it is known that sugar increases insulin resistance, reduces good and increases bad cholesterol, causes inflammation of blood vessels … which can cause heart disease. It should limit the intake of sugar. For women the recommended amount is of 25 grams and 36 grams for men. Our nutritionist says that the recommended intake can be converted and the tablespoon of about 10 grams.





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