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Lemon juice is very effective against dandruff and it stops hair loss. You can enhance its effects with coconut water or egg white. The hair has become a very important aspect which has to do with our esthetics as, and in one way or another it helps us have a better image and presentation, and […]

A nice white and bright smile can be a sign of good dental hygiene and maintenance. Even though there are several whitening products out there, ranging from toothpastes to gels, there is an easier way

Peeling skin (desquamation) is a normal occurrence which happens as a reaction to a number of inflammatory processes. The surface of the skin is covered with dead cells that continually fall off and g

There are bad hair days and then, as in the case of dandruff, there are really bad hair days. Dandruff can be really annoying and it can torment your scalp making it itchy, irritable, and excessively flaky and create some rather embarrassing social situations.     With dandruff sufferers, the scalp sheds dead skin cells […]

Bleeding gums can become an extremely annoying and painful problem and even jeopardize your entire dental health. That is why, in addition to a query to the dentist, you can use certain home remedies,

Everyone wishes to have a nice smile and to have pearly white teeth! But in order to have those flashy pearly teeth you need to take good care of them, brush after every meal, floss, make regular dental appointments and few other things. There are few food products that leave nasty stains on your teeth […]
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