ANSWER ON eternal question: Here’s when and why the baby kicks in the stomach! Mothers will especially be interested in this!

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When you ask a pregnant woman why their babies to that, they will answer that babies are just trying to be hug them from inside. Every small movement will make you ask yourself what are they trying to do?





Kick shows the proper health of the baby, its activity and development. The baby reacts instantly to changes in the environment, especially when he hears some noises outside. When you lie on the left side, the baby kick increases, because the gradual increases blood supply to the fetus. Mothers can expect a higher number of kicks after a meal.

The baby starts to kick when were fulfilled the ninth weeks in the stomach. A small number of kicks can show the poor health of your baby and the insufficient amount of oxygen. If the number of kicks reduce after 36 weeks, it is then normally. Kicks occur when the baby feels what your environment is.





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