Advice from Experts: Introduce this rule in your diet and you won’t have to worry about your weight!

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For all those who want to get rid of excess weight, weight-loss expert Lyudmila Denisenko gives a lists of foods that can be consumed between meals. All of these “mini-snacks” have less than 150 calories, and will prevent you to overeat for the main meals.



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This is the only way to lose weight, and that weight does not come back!

  1. Handful raisin 50 grams – 130 calories

    Two kiwi – 95 calories

    3. Twenty one core almonds – 147 calories

    4. Yogurt third of skimmed milk – 60 calories

    5. Coffee without sugar 100 g plus a piece of hard cheese 10 g – 37 calories

    6.  Glass of milk – 65 calories

    7. Three small carrot- 65 calories

    8. . An apple and 100 g kefir – 50 calories


And a few more meals in smaller quantities, and you can eat them as a dinner:

– Fresh salad topped with apple vinegar

– Pumpkin seeds or sunflower 20-30 grams

– A small baked potato with a piece of fresh cheese

– Tomato with a piece of fresh cheese

– Three biscuits whole meal

– Baked apple without sugar

– Dried fruit: plums, figs, dates, bananas ..



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