So, you are probably asking yourself what these things could be. What does he secretly adore about you?



1. He loves the way you laugh at his jokes

A good sense of humor is very important in a relationship, and guys appreciate this maybe even more than girls do. I bet he feels so good when you laugh at his jokes. And you should be lucky because you have a guy who makes you laugh.


2. He loves when you’re playing with his hair

Maybe most of them don’t want to admit it, but guys love when you cuddle with them or touch them. They love it when you touch their hair while driving or before going to sleep.



3. He loves the way you can be shy and super-confident at the same time

Men love to have someone who is not afraid to show their naughty side as well as their shy side. They won’t tell you this, but they consider it very sexy. For example, the way you blush when he gives you some cute compliment, and when you initiate sex after that.


4. He loves when you take care of him when he’s sick

Guys love to act tough, but in fact, they are very gentle beings; especially when they get sick. They catch a cold, and they suddenly start telling you their last words. They just love to have you around when they’re sick. It makes them feel safe.

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