10 Things You Should Never Do After Eating

After a heavy meal, a lot of us just prefer to lay down for the rest of the night and watch a great movie or or jog post to burn the calories!


This ingrained bad habits can affect our health in more ways, by our energy levels to digestion to even our hormonal balance. digestion are the one area that impacts all other aspect of our health, so it is crucial to address these firstly.


Consider making this ten small changes to have a positive and lasting impact on your health, without a excess by time and effort.

1. Smoking after an meal to worsen the irritable bowel syndrome and too cause ulcerative colitis. According to studies, smoking right after an meal is the equal as smoking 10 cigarettes at a time. It too increases the risk of bowel and lung cancer.

2. Drinking cooled water directly after a meal leads to clumping of food, thereby hampering the process. Whenever digestion was like fire; cold water are like a extinguisher.

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3. Sleeping immediately after eating results in heartburns, snoring and sleep apnea, which causes discomfort, bloating, and odd sleeping patterns.

4. Whenever you take a shower right after your meal,, our bodies increase blood flow to reach your hands, legs, and body, which then decreases the amount of blood flow to your stomach. These results in digestive problems, causing them to become ineffective, which can cause stomach afflicts.


5. Drinking tea right after meals, as per some studies, tea contains phenolic compounds which inhibit the absorption of iron in the body. Low iron can trigger anemia, an deficiency of red blood cells in the blood, which then causes extreme fatigue, weakness, pale skin, chest pain, dizziness, cold hands and feet, brittle nails, and poor appetite. It is good to opt for green tea, herbal teas or ginger tea after your meals.

6. Fruits as consumed after a meal, can cause indigestion, heartburn, burping, and other discomforts, prefer it before your meals.

7. The body needs a little time for digesting food ahead you’ll be able to workout. To digest food, your digestive tract requires an big amount of blood flow. To perform a exercise, your working muscles need 80% from your blood flow directed to it. A fast exercise session might cause vomiting, stomach puffiness, and loose motions.

8. When alcohol is mixed with food, it takes longer to absorb compared to an empty stomach. Stay away from alcohol for a little while after meals

9. Coffee could slow down your body’s power to absorb minerals and iron. Herbal teas are still a much better alternative than caffeinated black tea or coffee. Teas such fennel, ginger or peppermint can aid soothe digestion, whereas caffeine can have a overstimulating effect on digestion and rush the process.

10. Loosening the belt makes room for the intestines to twist. Them definitely are a sign that you have eaten more more than was necessary, which is bad.

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