Are Fidget Spinners Healthy For Kids? Here’s What Parents Should Know About Fidget Spinners!

Fidget spinners have become popular almost overnight among kids and even young adults. The whirling toys are very popular and fun, but they have been used by therapists for ages. Besides the fact that some people find them extremely fun mostly because they just look cool and have multiple colors which makes them look like an optical illusion on your fingertip.

But a lot of people have been debating about the safety of these fidget spinners, there have been several reports that fidget spinners contain a significant amount of lead. In a report made by Tamara Rubin, a lead-poisoning-prevention advocate who is not affiliated with any research institution or university. In her report Rubin explained that a couple of the fidget spinners she tested contained amount of lead that was considered above safety levels. The amount of lead allowed in kid’s toys is 90ppm or 100ppm (parts per million). One fidget she broke had a LED light which she found to contained 19,000 ppm of lead, and she also detected lead in the chamber of the toy that holds the battery.

If certain toys contain an amount that is considered not to be safe, kids can ingest the lead by just handling it with their fingertips or putting it in their mouths. Lead can be very toxic to the body, and if in high doses it can cause damage to the liver, kidneys and brain.

We also mentioned that fidget spinners have been used by therapists for many years now. There are some people who claim that fidget spinners are actually good for kids.



  • Claims to improve focus. Fidget spinners apparently help ADD and ADHD kids to have better focus in classrooms. There isn’t a lot of evidence to back this claim up.
  • They increase the kid’s imagination. The optical illusion effect keeps your kids imagination going. They do different tricks, combine different colors to see the results when they spin multiple colors.
  • Entertainment without electronics. These small gadgets are actually pretty good at keeping your kids away from their smartphones and tablets.



Parents here are some tips on what to look after if you are going to decide to get your kid a fidget spinner.

-Check the fidget for broken parts. Broken items should be discarded because they present a choking hazard for kids.

– Follow the age label. Buy your kid a fidget spinner only if they are age appropriate. Don’t give children under 3 years old a fidget spinner because they can put them in their mouth.

-Shop at reputable retailers. Shop at the stores you trust and know because they are selling products that have been tested and approved by the U.S safety inspectors.







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