Woman Cuts Old Pallet Into 3 Pieces. What She Makes Next Is Perfect For The Yard!

This time of the year is ideal for landscaping of the yard and balcony. There are many things you can make from old materials that you don’t use anymore, and this is one of them.



Tanya was a woman on a mission: she wanted to build a pallet planter for strawberries that met her standards for stability, soil capacity and aesthetics. And she didn’t hesitate in getting her hands dirty once she realized she’d have to create her own planter design.


In the video you can see step by step how to do this in your backyard:




Source: http://kumanovskimuabeti.mk/zede-drvena-paleta-i-ja-preseche-na-tri-dela-koga-kje-vidite-shto-napravi-odma-kje-go-napravite-istoto-video/


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