Top 5 Alkaline Foods On The Planet That Prevent Cancer, Heart Disease And Obesity!

The food we eat today especially people in the United States, is basically junk food and genetically modified or processed. It is not the perfect diet but it is convenient for busy people to consume fast food that is poor in nutrients and it wrecks the pH balance in the body.




The preferred environment of the human body should be alkaline, and with the consumption of such unhealthy foods can make the body acidic and it makes the immune system weaker and more prone to diseases.

So basically with the consumption of alkalizing foods you can improve your health and make your body less acidic and create an alkaline environment for your body.



Here are the best alkaline foods you can consume:

  1. Flax seeds. They are rich in vitamin E and fiber and they alkalize the body, soothe inflammation and reduce hot flashes in menopause.
  2. Olive oil. It is high in monounsaturated fatty acid and vitamin E.
  3. They cleanse the colon and they have a great pH level of 8.5. They are rich in fiber and 92% of their content is water.
  4. This is an excellent wheat replacement and is great to have for breakfast because it energizes your body and it prevents many cardiovascular diseases.
  5. Swiss chard. This particular food has very potent antiviral and antibacterial properties and it also prevents damage caused by free radicals.



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