This Chart Shows When You Should Put Your Kids To Bed!

Everyone has difficulties putting their kids in bed at the right time. Every parent has struggled with that issue because you don’t know what is the right time for your kids to go asleep. If you put them to bed early they will get hyper active, starting playing around and eventually going to bed later than expected.




And if you put them to bed too late, you will have grumpy and tired kids on your hands who will barely made it through the day.

These days both man and women have jobs, so it is important to maximize the time they get to spend with the kids. But also, they want to be sure they’re getting the proper amount of sleep so they remain focused and energized for school.

In this article we will present you the chart from the Wilson Elementary School in Kenosha. This chart will help to all parents and is based on age and usual wake up time.




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