The Famous Jin Shin Jyutsu Finger Method! Rub This Finger For 60 Seconds And See What Will Happen To Your Body!

The people from East are well-known for their various healing techniques that involve acupuncture, massage therapies and reflexology. They have been using these techniques for centuries to treat all kinds of conditions, such as trauma, pain, stress and various illnesses.





Jin Shin Jyustu is actually an ancient oriental way of balancing life energy and bodily functions. It is also effective for treating neck pain, back pain, depression, anxiety and sciatica.

This technique is basically pulling or pressing of every finger on the hand.


An Asian-American woman by the name of Mary Burmeister was the first woman to practice this technique in the United States back in the early 1950’s and she learned this technique from Jiro Murai who was an expert.

Watch this video to learn how this technique is performed properly. It will help you to eliminate all negative emotions, depression, anxiety, grief and fear.





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