Lose 7 Kg in 7 Days With This Incredible Cucumber Diet!

Cucumbers are one of the most incredible vegetables that exists! Packed with amazing nutrients and rich in health benefits, full of vitamins and minerals. Also they are extremely rich in fiber, iron and magnesium.



But people love cucumbers because they are great for losing weight! It has been proven over and over again. Today we will present you a diet which is very effective and a lot of people recommend it.

It sounds amazing and some people don’t believe it, but it is super effective and you can actually lose up to 7 kg in just a week! It’s a diet based on cucumbers for the most part, whenever you feel hungry just eat a cucumber!


Daily plan for the diet:



-1 plate of cucumber salad (add apple cider vinegar or olive oil)

-2 hard-boiled eggs.




-1 big apple of 5 plums



-1 piece of wheat bread with a bowl of cucumber salad



Cucumber salad recipe:

-400 grams of cucumber

-200 ml of sour milk or yogurt

-1 fresh onion

-pinch of salt


Peel all the cucumbers and cut it to small pieces, pour the salt on them and add the yogurt or sour mil on top of it and mix it.


Additional recipe for cucumber shake:

-1 cucumber

-1 apple

-1 handful of washed spinach

-fresh ginger

-1 cup of water

Preparing the shake is simple and easy, just add all the ingredients into a blender and blend until you get a nice mixture.




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