Just Add These Two Ingredients To Your Shampoo And Say Goodbye To Hair Loss Forever!

A lot of experts claim that hair loss is often related to different factors, such as a stressful environment, weight loss, pregnancy, menopause and many others. But did you know that stress can actually cause a hormonal imbalance and it can lead to excessive hair loss?



Suffering from hair loss can cause you to be insecure and have low self-esteem. You will try all kind of things and different ways in order to prevent it but sometimes it’s just not enough.

Natural remedies are becoming more popular as of late due to their effectiveness. Today we will present you a homemade shampoo that helps you fight hair loss.

The first step is to get a natural shampoo with a neutral pH level, or just use a normal baby shampoo. This is the first out of three ingredients used in this homemade remedy.

Second step is to get some rosemary essential oil. This is great because it increases the blood flow to the scalp, thus is providing strength to the hair. Also you can use some lemon essential oil because it can serve as a great antiseptic and it is quite refreshing.

Last thing on the ingredient list is a couple of caplets of vitamin E. You can get it at the local pharmacy or a health store. Vitamin E is excellent against hair loss. It can prevent the process of hair loss.


Instructions on how to prepare the shampoo:

Use 10 drops of the rosemary essential oil into the neutral shampoo and 10 drops of lemon essential oil. Afterwards add the 2 caplets of vitamin E into the shampoo and shake it well.


How to use it:

Use this shampoo every second day. Let’s say if you use it today, you will have to take a break from it the next day. Just apply it on your hair and gently massage it into your scalp and leave it there for 10 minutes, and afterwards you just rinse it off.

You will love the effects this shampoo will have on you! In just a few weeks your hair will start to grow!




Source: http://www.healthandhealthyliving.com/just-add-these-two-ingredients-to-your-shampoo-and-say-goodbye-to-hair-loss-forever/

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