How To Grow Your Own Unlimited Supply Of Basil From Just A Single Plant!

A lot of people like using basil in when they are cooking, because it’s an herb that smells great and makes the food even tastier. But the best part about basil it’s that is incredibly healthy!

Scientists have discovered many healing properties of basil that are great against cancer. It is an anti-oxidant, so the free radicals in your body are limited and it also reduces the effects of the carcinogens that you are exposed to.

Vitamin K is vital for our bodies and basil has plenty of it! It is necessary for a protein that is in charge for blood clotting.

Most people take the easy way and just go out and buy the basil continually to keep their kitchens stocked with basil. But you can easily grow it yourself, and the best part is you only need one basil plant to grow multiple plants!


Instructions on how to grow and split your own basil


You will need the following items:


-A backyard greenhouse or a warm windowsill

-Few small pots

-Potting compost

-1 store bought pot of basil


Watch the video bellow to see how to split the basil





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