Doctors Are Warning People: Stop Using Aluminum Foil Right Now And This Is The Reason Why!

Everyone uses aluminum foil almost on a daily basis in the kitchen for different kind of things, wrapping and cooking food in general but also for treating some ailments. But in a study conducted recently the research team was shocked by the results.




They discovered that aluminum foil is connected with Alzheimer’s Disease! Basically the aluminum foil is a neurotoxic heavy metal that can have a serious impact and side-effects on the brain functions.

Medical experts claim that continuous exposure to this metal, can cause a lasting adverse effect on the brain, things like memory loss, mental decline, loss of balance, coordination and bodily control.

It also showed that cooking with aluminum foil has a negative effect on the bones, because the aluminum builds up in the bones over time and replaces the calcium.


Pulmonary fibrosis and some other respiratory conditions have been linked to cooking with aluminum foil as a result of inhalation of the aluminum particles.

People are still living in delusion about aluminum foil, they are unaware that when you cook with aluminum foil on high temperatures small parts of it melt into the food.

A chemical engineering doctor by the name of Essam Zubaidy have conducted some researchs at the American University of Sharjah, evaluated the effects of cooking in aluminum and came to a result that a meal cooked with foil can get contaminated with up to 400 grams of aluminum

Basically the higher the temperature is when you cook with aluminum foil, the higher is the leach in foods. It is not recommended to cook in foil especially with vegetables.

The recommended daily allowance of aluminum is only 60 mg daily as per the World Health Organization.




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