Do This One Exercise For Just 6 Minutes Every Day And See What Happens To Belly Fat!

A lot of people mix up the terms core and abs. They tend to think that core and the abs are the same thing. But actually they are quite different. The core is a large term which includes the glutes, lower back muscles and the abs too.



So by training the body core you are actually training multiple muscle groups of your body. You will improve your body posture, improve your athletic performance, relieve back pain and it will help you prevent injuries.

We will present you with an exercise plan that will do wonders for your body and it will blast the belly fat!


Day 1


The first day of the plan is made from 3 simple exercises and it will take you only 5 minutes to complete them! If you feel more fit and ready you can try to do this routine twice!

  • Exercise 1: Skyscrapers-10 per side
  • Exercise 2: Windshield Wipers-10 per side


Day 2


The plan for the second day is a bit more challenging and it will take around 5 minutes to complete them. This plan consists of 4 exercises.

-Exercise 1: Breakdancer-15 per side

-Exercise 2: Skydiver- hold for 30 seconds

-Exercise 3: Dead Bug-10 reps

-Exercise 4: Thread the needle-10 per side


Day 3


The third day consists of 4 exercises that are a bit more extreme than the previous days and it should be completed in a fast 6-minute circuit.

-Exercise 1: Crab kicks into Superman- 6 per side

-Exercise 2: Star leg raise- 10 per side

-Exercise 3: Side V-ups -10 per side

-Exercise 4: Over/Under- 10 per side





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