Make a hair mask of pepper – an effective cure for hair loss

If your hair is falling moderately you do not need to worry excessively. But what happens when you suspect that more hair remains on the brush than on your head? Make a hair mask of pepper!




Lack of vitamin

For normal growth of hair in the first place are necessary vitamins A, E, C, PP and a group of vitamin B. If the body lacks vitamins, you will hardly have a nice hairstyle. Enrich your diet with fresh vegetables, fruit and cereals.




If you often worried for any reason, stress can lead to excessive hair loss. Whenever you notice that you start to worry, take a deep breath and try to run away from the problem. And remember a big thing – self-hypnosis, convince yourself that everyday problems and petty quarrels with your spouse are not worth the lost nerves and your hair.


Maybe it happened that after a cold day on the job you leave out without a cap or hat. Maybe you do not have time, but every time the hair experienced big stress when is found in the cold. The cold affects our hair to be powerless.

To revive your hair and prevent hair loss using a tincture of pepper that strengthens weakened hair and that will awaken the dormant hair follicle.


How to make a tincture of pepper hair?


1 red pepper
1 cup vodka


Cut pepper and mix with vodka. Pour the mixture into a glass jar and put in a dark place to rest for 2-3 weeks. After this time, the tincture is ready to use.






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