Five Mistakes That We Make After Eating!

Habits that we have the whole of life is not easy to get rid of, but when they affect our health in general and that we feel good, we should make an effort. Among them are the following five mistakes that we all do after a meal, but we should not:




Go to sleep

If you lie down to sleep after you ate, it will force the stomach to digest food too fast, which can cause discomfort and sleep problems. You’re not alone (in fact you are in the majority) if you are sleep after a meal, but try to resist sleep and wait for at least two hours after eating. The best thing after a meal to do for yourself is walk.


We light a cigarette

Many smokers find a great pleasure to ignite a cigarette after a meal, but it is a big mistake. After you’ve eaten, the body needs time to digest food, and smoking will certainly will not help. Specifically, nicotine binds to the excess oxygen which is needed for digestion, which is why the body absorb more carcinogens than usual.
Take a shower

When showering, the blood flow in the body is changing because it wants the blood to reach faster the surface of the skin to the body so it will be more easily adjust to change in temperature. This means that the amount of blood that helps in the digestion of food is to be reduced, the digestion process can slow down or cause indigestion.


We eat fruit for dessert

Nutritionists do not say in vain that the best to eat fruits for breakfast, or on an empty stomach. Not only the sugar from fruit will replenish the energy required for new business and obligations, and will avoid indigestion that could be caused by eating fruit for dessert.

Given the fact that the digestive enzymes need other fruit, fruit is best eaten on an empty stomach to maximize absorbed into the body. Do you eat fruits immediately after a meal, it will not be able to properly digest, because it will be mixed with other food that you have eaten before.



You should wait at least two hours after eating to go exercise. Leave the food to settle and so will avoid possible gastric reflex, hiccups, nausea, and even vomiting.




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