4 Ways In Which The Aluminum Foil Can Help Your Health!

The aluminum foil does not necessarily only is used in your kitchen. In fact, there are several interesting ways that you can use to improve your health and restore energy. Look at these cases that aluminum foil can help, and very few people know it.





Treating Colds

It is considered that aluminum foil can alleviate the symptoms of the common cold. Wrap your feet with foil and remove it after about an hour. Let your feet breathe, and after two hours, repeat the procedure.


Removes pain in joints

Wrap in aluminum foil part of the body where you feel pain and move as little as possible. Let it stand all day or at night. For ten days, repeat the procedure and then take a break for two weeks.


Removes fatigue

The aluminum foil has the power to restore energy. For this purpose, you can put a few pieces of foil in the refrigerator, so removing them after two or three hours. Then place them on the cheeks and eyelids. Immediately make you feel refreshed.


It soothes burns

In a US study, aluminum foil helps burns. All you have to do first clean up the wound and then dry it with a clean cloth and apply ointment on the burns. Then wrap with foil and secure it with adhesive tape. So the pain will be smaller.




Source: http://www.kafepauza.mk/zivot/5-nachini-na-koi-aluminiumskata-folija-kje-vi-pomogne-vo-vasheto-zdravje/

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