Take These Two Ingredients Before Going To Sleep And You Will Never Wake Up Tired!

We all know how important a good night’s sleep, but in recent years, the average amount of sleep decreases. In men and women, the average amount of sleep fell from 7-8 hours at night only 6-7 hours.





Although this might not seem like a big difference for some, it does great harm to your body. During the day, your body is working hard to keep in step with your day and this requires an adequate amount of time to rest, recover.

Lack of sleep is an important factor in some of the most serious health problems in people, but also can be a reason for the illness. Research have found that humans who have lack of sleep, which means they sleep less than 6 hours, have an increased risk of heart disease.

In 2011, the European Heart Journal review of 15 medical studies involving 475,000 people found that people with shortened sleep cycles had a 48% higher risk of developing or dying from coronary heart disease. It was also shown that these people had 15% higher risk of developing or dying from a stroke.



The solution for sleep

This simple solution for sleep that you need only two ingredients critical for more sleep. It will help your body relax and unwind from a busy day and to prepare for the next.

All you need:

-5 Teaspoon of organic raw honey
-1 Teaspoon pink Himalayan sea salt

Mix these ingredients and keep them in a jar. The ratio of 5: 1 for the best. Just put a little of this mixture under the tongue every night before going to bed and let it dissolve.


Honey and salt

Himalayan sea salt contains more than 80 minerals and elements that your body needs for a variety of processes to recover from a hard day. Honey contains glucose which has various aids to supply our body’s cells with energy.

This combination of salt and honey works to increase serotonin. Helps us to get rid of stress, but also so that we can sleep as best as possible. Try this natural remedy for sleep that will certainly help. At the same time you can rest easy knowing that your body will be ready to face the new day.




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