EASIEST POSSIBLE RECIPE FOR WEIGHT LOSS: US researchers have great news: “it is enough just two glasses a day”!




If you are one of those who like to relax before going to bed with a glass of wine, we have good news for you. A glass of wine before going to sleep can help you lose weight. Scientists from Washington State University and Harvard University, found that the substance resveratrol from wine prevents fat cells to collect more fat. Resveratrol improves the health of your heart, brain and bones in the same way that going to the gym does. It also protect you from diabetes, high cholesterol and blood clots.

Moreover, two glasses of wine a day may reduce the risk of obesity by as much as 70 percent. So, not only you can, but you should even drink every day a half a bottle of wine.


And the reason why this is best done in the evening is that you will allow your calories from wine to satiety you and thus there will be no need for late-night bite.

It is important to note that if you are not a drinker, there are other ways to get more resveratrol in your diet; snacking on berries, grapes and apples will also boost your levels of this compound and inhibit the conversion of fats. In fact, it’s the grapes that are responsible for the health benefits of wine in the first place.

That this theory does have something right is confirmed by the survey of Danish universities, which found that people who drink moderately every day, on average, have a thinner waist than those who do not drink at all.




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