Misconceptions about stretching your neck and his crackling: This is what happens in your body at that moment!



It is nothing related with arthritis. You should be aware that stretching and crackling neck does not lead immediately to arthritis and other serious illnesses. How many men have you met so far that they have this habit of enjoying it, and maybe you are one of these.

It is difficult to get rid of because the crackling neck and spine because it relaxes.


Crackling in the neck is a sign that the gases released from the synovial fluid. While you are crackling your neck or spine, you releases oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, so it creates a bubble that disappears of himself. Then there will be a temporary relief.

Although this leads to cracking of various diseases, arthritis is not one of them. Donald L Uger 30 years was crackling one his hand, to resolve the famouos mystery of the of arthritis.

If your neck, shoulders and spine are crackling, probably it comes to more serious thing, it would be advisable to contact your doctor.

Crackling tends to be stretched ligaments, and that makes them less stable. Unstable ligaments are less likely to withstand the weight of the head and causes pain. But that does not mean cracking bones does not imply immediately spine problems.
If you have problems with any of these methods, contact your doctor.





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