To Look Younger Try This Old Chinese Recipe!




We know that garlic is a cure for many diseases, but garlic also rejuvenates the body. Try this old Chinese recipe, written on a clay tablet which the UNESCO found in Tibetan monastery and translated into all languages.

A commission of UNESCO in a Tibetan monastery found an old Chinese recipe written on a clay tablet to cure sclerosis and other diseases. This recipe commission translated to all languages in order to bring it to the current medicine.

This medication uses to treat these medical conditions

  • To remove blood fat
  • To improve the elasticity of blood vessels
  • To prevent infarction and sclerosis
  • To prevent the creation of tumor
  • For better vision

With proper use of this product, the entire organism will rejuvenate.


Preparation of this natural remedy:

Good to rinse , clean and mash the 350 grams of onion. Then pour in 300 grams of 96% alcohol.
Put the mixture into a clean jar, tightly closed to prevent air entering and leaving to stand for 10 days in a cool place.
Then strain through a clean cloth firm. After 2 to 3 days can be used with 50 g. milk in this order:



DayBreakfast LunchDinner
11 drop2 drops3 drops
24 drops5 drops6 drops
37 drops8 drops9 drops
410 drops11 drops12 drops
513 drops14 drops15 drops
615 drops14 drops13 drops
712 drops11 drops10 drops
89 drops8 drops7 drops
96 drops5 drops4 drops
103 drops2 drops1 drop


To Look Younger Try This Old Chinese Recipe



Continue to use this old Chinese medicine during a meal three times a day 25 drops, until it runs out. This recipe does after 5 years and uses it again in the same order.





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