Seven Indispensable Ways To Open A Bottle Of Wine Without A Corkscrew!

Imagine you’re having the ideal quiet Saturday evening. All your cares from the past week are behind you; thoughts about work have at last melted away, and your other half is by your side.

You decide to turn the evening into a romantic one. You go and grab a bottle of wine, and…everything’s suddenly disrupted by the lack of a simple corkscrew.


But don’t worry, because we here at Bright Side have got the perfect advice to help you save your evening from ruin — and your teeth from any damage! Because, luckily, it turns out that you can use almost anything at hand to open that bottle.


A screw and some flat-nose pliers



  • Find a screw and some flat-nose pliers. The wider the thread of the screw is, the better.

  • Drive the screw into the cork, up to the point where around 1.5cm of the screw sticks out from the surface of it.

  • Using the flat-nose pliers, begin to pull the screw out of the cork — it should pull the latter out of the bottle along with it. You can also use the nail extractor on the head of a hammer for this task.


A pocket knife



  • It’s possible to remove the cork from a wine bottle using a simple pocket knife. The blade should be small enough compared to the diameter of the bottle’s neck to easily pass through the cork. Some people recommend using a pocket knife with a serrated blade.

  • Carefully press the knife into the cork.

  • Now move the knife from left to right, carefully pulling the cork up and out from the bottle until it is completely freed.

NB: If you’ve accidentally lodged the knife in the cork at an angle rather than vertically, remember to very carefully press the base of the bottle onto a hard surface while attempting to remove the cork. The neck of the bottle can shatter easily.

Some wire and flat-nose pliers



  • You will need a piece of steel wire (for example, the kind that is used to make coat hangers). If necessary, straighten it out.

  • Using the pliers, bend the last centimeter of the wire to an angle of around 30 degrees.

  • Carefully push the wire between the edge of the cork and the neck of the bottle, until the hook is below the bottom of the cork inside the bottle.

  • Make sure that the hook of the wire is firmly positioned under the cork at a right angle, and carefully pull it out of the bottle neck.

NB: You may wish to wear gloves, as the wire could cut your hands.

A paperclip and a pen



  • Take two paperclips and a pen. Partially straighten out the paperclips, leaving only the ’U’ shape still bent at both ends.

  • Push one end of the paperclip down between the cork and the glass neck of the bottle, making sure that the other end still sticks out the top.

  • Once the lower part has penetrated to the end of the cork, turn the paperclip so that the ’U’ shape inside the bottle now sticks into the bottom of the cork when pulled upwards.

  • Do the same thing with the second paperclip.

  • Straighten out the ’U’ shapes at the top of each paperclip which are sticking out above the cork, and twist them together. Place a pen or pencil in the eyelet formed by the two clips.

  • Using the pen or pencil and with the aid of the paperclips, gently pull the cork out of the bottle.


A screw and some corn cob holders



  • If you replace the flat-nose pliers used in the above method with a corn cob holder and use them together with a screw, you can create something similar to an ordinary t-shaped corkscrew. The screw functions as the vertical part of the corkscrew and the holder as the horizontal part.

  • Remember to be absolutely sure that the corn cob holder is smaller than the cap of the screw.

  • Carefully push the screw into the cork up to about three-quarters of the screw’s length.

  • Place the corn cob holder in a way that ensures its two spikes are firmly lodged beneath the cap of the screw.

  • Using your index and middle fingers, carefully pull the corn cob holder upwards. This should allow you to safely pull the cork free from the bottle.


A knife and a pen



  • This method involves pushing the cork into the bottle rather than pulling it out.

  • Penetrate the cork with something sharp. This will reduce the pressure in the bottle ahead of pushing the cork down into it.

  • Place the bottle on the floor or any other kind of hard, stable horizontal surface.

  • Push the cork downwards using the pen, or any other (non-sharp) object which is the appropriate width compared to the cork and bottle neck.

NB: Aim the bottle neck in a direction pointed away from other people, in case the wine splashes when the cork falls into it.

A hammer and small nails



  • You will need a hammer and five small nails.

  • Carefully hammer the nails into the cork, arranged in a line with little space between them.

  • Use the nail extractor on the head of the hammer together with your thumb as an effective lever.

  • Pull the cork out of the bottle.

NB: If you can’t get the cork all the way out, hammer the nails into it again, but this time in a line perpendicular to the first one, and then try to pull them out again using the hammer.

And when you’ve finally got your bottle of wine open…





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