Put 2 Lemons In the Oven, and Leave It Open Through the Night! You’ll Wish You Had Thought of This Earlier!




Although it is the best option to open the windows to your room so that clean air enters, unfortunately in this case, you can create a new problem such as flies, mosquitoes and other various bugs that cannot wait to get into your home.

Lucky for you, there is a trick that will save you from these small attacks.


All you need is the oven and two or three lemons. Before going to sleep, intercept a pair of lemon in half and put them in the oven with the door left open.

In the morning when you wake up, close the oven door and turn it on only for a few minutes. After that, turn it off and leave the door open again. Your home will smell nice and you will not see a single insect in your home!



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