Plastic Rice Is Spreading Across The Earth – Be Careful! (VIDEO)!


These days some people says that the rice they buy is  not a real rice. On country in Asia start a investigation and find out that that’s a plastic rice. Mediums and social networks start to  show the true but everybody don’t see that. For this reason please be careful what you buy!

The plastic rice firstly is discovered in China then in Vietnam and India. Nowadays it comes to Indonesia and to Europe. USA people are still ‘’waiting’’ to come. Customers find out that and brands are using plastic rice! Plastic rice causes gastritis and it is same like a real rice even it is mixed with the real. You can’t recognize it!





Plastic rice causes dangerous damaging of the digestive system and for that we must save us from it. Our recommendation is to avoid eating rice this days. Some newspapers wrote that plastic rice is made of potatoes and synthetic resin. Another says that it contain some chemicals. Even and markets sell the plastic rice because they don’t know the true!

But in some countries like Malaysia  Large markets are on a big control and there you can’t find fake rice but there are many small  markets where people buy what they need and that is a big problem.



People ask how to avoid buying the fake rice?

Fact is that you cant avoid buying it , but you can avoid consuming it ! When we boil the fake rice it keeps the main form. Before boiling fake rice is identical like a real rice but when we boil it fake rice keeps the same form like before. Real rice changes! Also you can burn one hand of rice. You will feel the smell of plastic if it is a fake rice!





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