Never Drink the Water from Your Nightstand- Here is the Reason!




Being aware of the importance of water, most people tend to leave a glass of water on their nightstand before bedtime, making sure that they have water nearby in case they wake up thirsty during the night.


If you have ever done this, you have probably noticed that the water has quite strange taste in the morning, right?

Unlike food, water doesn’t contain protein and sugars that microbes thrive on. Therefore, we cannot blame microbes for the strange taste of the water.Never Drink the Water from Your Nightstand- Here is the Reason

However, the water left in a glass is more prone to air-borne bacteria and dust particles. In addition to this, the water which is exposed to air absorbs carbon dioxide, a small part of which is then turned into carbonic acid.
This means that the water exposed to air is basically more susceptible to alternation in its chemical structure. More precisely, the carbon acid turns into carbonate or bicarbonate when releases one or two protons. Consequently, the pH of the value is changed which in turn affects its taste as well.

Even though this doesn’t automatically mean that the water that has been exposed to air during the night is dangerous to drink, it is definitely something we need to pay attention to, given the fact that it has accumulated a lot of air-borne bacteria and dust.

To sum up, the next time you wake up thirsty and are about to reach for the glass put on your nightstand, simply run to the kitchen and get some fresh and clean water instead!





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