Five Signs Which Prove You Have An Unhealthy Vagina And 9 Things You Can Do About It!

Every woman should take proper care when it comes to her intimate hygiene and should be concerned about her vaginal health.


Gynecologists explain that healthy vagina contains a good amount of good bacteria that fight off infections and keeps the acidic pH balance. They also add that healthy vagina secrets are similar to the saliva in your mouth, so there is small discharge that keeps the vagina clean. All women should be aware that may end up with some infection or vaginal disease in case if are not doing something right.



In case you experience any of the following issues, you should contact your doctor. Unhealthy vagina usually is manifested with these signs:


Burning and itching;

Large amount of discharge;

Pain after sexual activities;

Appearance of lesions;

Painful mucous membranes;


Below you can read several advices about how to keep your vagina clean and healthy:

Always practice safe sex

The use of condoms will ensure that you are not infected with some STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) or HIV.


Choose natural clothing to stay dry


As Dr. Booth says, vaginal skin is very fragile. It is recommended to wear natural materials, such as 100% cotton or silk. Be aware that your skin could be irritated by synthetic materials that often contain allergens and chemicals.


Preserve the Vaginal pH balance without douching

Douching interferes with the vagina’s pH levels and actually prepares the stage for infections. The ideal pH level is 3,8 – 4,5. If you notice that your vagina smells bad you should see your gynecologist, as douching will not solve the problem. The strong cleaning products impair the acidic pH level.

Rinse with water only

Gynecologists don’t recommend the use of intimate hygiene gels although nowadays they are very popular. Instead, medical experts advise you to wash your vagina only with water. That’s how you keep your pH level.


Be careful with the soap

Another factor that can distort the pH value is use of soap. It is recommended to soap with olive oil.


Avoid junk food

If you want your vagina to be healthy, Dr. Rebecca Booth highly recommends to avoid junk food, sugar and carbohydrates.


Don’t smoke!

Another unhealthy habit is smoking. So, if you want to have a healthy vagina, then, stop smoking immediately! Tar, nicotine and smoke contained in cigarettes hurt the good bacteria and prompt blocked pores in the vagina.


Eat a healthy diet for better vaginal health

For healthy vagina, same as for overall health, you should consume healthy food and to drink a lot of fluids. For example, yogurt helps you to stay away from vaginal diseases. Another healthy beverage is cranberry juice.


Avoid antibiotics, if possible

In order to keep your yeast under control you should take more kefir and yogurt, instead of antibiotics.





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