This Is the Murderer Of Obesity, With Only a Tablespoonful Will go Down 30 POUNDS IN A MONTH!

All experts agree that the best and most efficient way to lose weight is to speed up your metabolism. They explain that there are numerous natural foods that will help you to achieve that goal. In addition to that, in order to speed up your metabolism, experts advise you to pay attention to the spices that you use.


Most people, during the process of losing weight, feel hunger, even more than usual. It is important to mention that by combining some natural ingredients with the food you consume, you will speed up your metabolism and further to lose some weight.Scientists from the Medical Sciences University of Iran conducted a study and proved that. Namely, for the purpose of this research, the participants were divided into 2 groups and each group was consisted of 44 women. All participants had issues with overweight.




In a period of 3 months the women from both groups were consuming healthy food and during one day they consumed less than 500 calories.There was only one difference between their diet – the spices. To be more precise, the first group consumed 3 grams of powdered cumin every day and usually consumed the cumin mixed with 140 g of yogurt. The second group also consumed the same amount of yogurt but without the cumin.



After the test period, the results were unbelievable. It is interesting that the first group with women that consumed cumin with their yogurt lost 14 pounds more than the second group who consumed their yogurt without cumin.Another interesting fact is that the first group lost more fat than the second group. To be more precise, the first group lost 14.64 % fat, while the second lost only 4.91 % fat.Cumin is abundant with filosterole. It is important to explain that filosterole has the ability to prevent retention of cholesterol in human body and many scientists claim that is the reason why cumin speeds up the metabolism.




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