Lose 3 Kg In Just 5 Days! This Drink Will Melt The Fat Away From Your Waist!

Some experts believe that most of the body’s excess calories are stored as fat. And because of this they recommend that the goal of most people in the process of losing weight should be losing fat.







To be exact, stomach fat is particularly dangerous because it is the main player in many health problems. There are many disorders that can arise from this adiposity, such as stroke, heart disease, prostate and breast cancer, type 2 diabetes.

One more reason why extra stomach fat is so dangerous is the fact that is placed near the portal vein, which transports blood from the intestinal area to the liver.

If you have a lot of extra fat around your waist, even if you do not have a problem with overweight, then you should get rid of it.




It is very important to mention that the process of losing weight always starts with reducing the number of calories you consume during the day and increasing the number of calories you burn.

Specialists explain that the best method of burning calories is physical activity, so exercise goes together with healthy nutrition in losing weight.

Regardless of the fact that the metabolism effects the basic energy needs of the body, the food and beverage intake and the exercising ultimately determine how much we weigh.

Here we will present you a drink that is the best way to remove those stubborn 3 kg. It will help you to reduce your waist without rigorous diets, so we recommend you to try it.




1 lemon

60 g parsley

230 ml water



Chop the parsley and drain lemon juice over it. Then place the mixture in a bowl and add the water.

Drink this in the morning on an empty stomach 5 days in a row. After that, make a pause of 10 days.

This drink will boost your metabolism and will melt the fat of your body. Also it will give to your body a healthy vitamins and minerals.

Parsley improves digestion and helps the body to eliminate the extra fluids, so it will remove the feeling of bloating.

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