Most of the people around the globe are worried about their bed and sheets they are sleeping on. Nobody wants to lie down, exhausted from the busy day, in dirty bed. That’s why we usually tend to often change the sheets and the pillowcases from in our bedroom and especially in our kids room.



Perhaps, sometimes we notice our pillow and the shape it is in as well. But, many times we do not give great importance to that. However, we are terribly wrong. The experts around the world claim, you must clean the pillows you sleep on at least three times on a yearly basis! So…do you?


Do you remember when the last time you washed your pillows was?

Rober Oexman, the head of the Sleep to Live institute, suggests that you wash your pillows twice a year, and that you regularly change it.

If your pillows are suitable for the washing machine, place two of them in it and wash them. Washing two pillows at once is recommended since this way they will stay protected from damage, knowing that the washing machine drum can reach a pretty high speed.

You have most likely noticed the yellow color of the pillow they typically get after some period of time. Not everyone notices this because we usually use clean pillowcases for the pillows. Nevertheless, we should do something about this. Put the pillow in the washing machine, pour one cup of bleaching powder, hot water, a cup of regular washing powder, and add two to three tablespoons of baking soda.

Prior to washing the pillows, check the label on them and then wash them on the highest allowed temperature. When the washing process ends, squeeze the moisture out of the pillow by hitting it from every side in order to speed up the drying process. Let the pillow outside to dry and do not use it until it gets completely dry.




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