You Will Be Amazed What Rice Water Can Do To Your Body!

Rice is part of the diet of many people. Probably majority of them pour water after cooking. But, have you ever tried the water from cooked rice? Experts say that this water has many benefits. So, next time when you cook rice, remove the water and drink it. The question is: why?





Rice water is rich in beneficial nutrients obtained from cooking rice.


Method of preparation: It is easy to be done and all you need is rice, fresh clean water and a pot. First of all, boil the rice, and after it is cooked well, drain the water in a separate bowl and be careful not to leave any rice in the water. And finally your rice water is ready for consumption.



Below you can read some facts, about what can do for you 1 glass of this great water:


Prevents dehydration:

During summer days we lose a lot of water through sweating and rice water is perfect to prevent dehydration and loss of nutrients.


Sun protection:

Rice water contains a substance called oryzanol. It withstands the UV beams from the sun. Use rice water to offer your skin some assistance with taking the sun’s heat.


It is a good source of energy:


It is rich with carbohydrates and this means lot of energy. The human body needs carbohydrates for energy, hence a glass of rice water in the morning is best to start a day. Also you can drink it when you feel tiredness or lack of energy.


The best home remedy for viral infections:

Rice water is utilized often as a solution for fever as it averts water loss. It recharges the lost supplements and speeds the recuperation process.


Prevents Alzheimer:

Not yet confirmed but there are few sources that say that cooked rice water can keep the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease. This is also one of the other great advantages of drinking cooked rice water.


Prevents constipation:

Rice water is rich in fiber and smooth the progress bowel movements. Moreover, the starch motivates the development of useful bacteria in the stomach.


Can treat diarrhea:

Rice water turns out to be an amazing home solution for treat diarrhea both for adults and children. Newborns are more inclined to infections and diseases such as diarrhea and must be treated on time because if not it can lead to harsh dehydration. A study found that rice water was more reducing so as to compel in controlling the runs and recurrence of the stool in infants


Prevents Cancer

Drinking cooked rice water frequently might likewise keep certain sorts of cancer away. This is one of the great advantages of drinking cooked rice water.

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