Weight Chart For Women: What is Your Ideal Weight According To Your Body Shape, Age, And Height?

There is a huge difference between the ideal weight and desired.The ideal weight is optimal number that human body needs to have to work properly and the desired weight very often is unhealthy.






As a result of that, the latest trends are promoting excessive weight loss. Unfortunately, that way of wasting weight is not good option for your health.


Losing weight too quickly may cause obesity, but also may cause more serious diseases, such as diabetes, heart problems, hypertension and many other. So, the “golden middle” rule seems to be the best option.



There are lot of factors that should consider in order to make chart for ideal body weight. If you search the internet, you will find many charts, which unfortunately are not good because are made according to just one or two factors.


This chart is based on several serious researches by doctors and is much more different than the others. Doctors made various calculations in order to create this chart.


It is important to mention that this chart does not follow the trends for body weight that, as we said before, are unhealthy.


This chart is made following the health of the human body and also according to age, height and body shape.

Measure your weight, height and find your proportions. Find out if you need to gain or lose weight.



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