How To Treat Hemorrhoids At Home With Apple Cider Vinegar!

Almost everyone is bothered at some time or another by hemorrhoids. Reports suggest that 50 percent of the U.S. population – both men and women – have hemorrhoids by age 50.


Apple-Cider-Vinegar Treatment-of-Hemorrhoids-At-Home-One-Ingredient-And-Youre-Cured



The term refers to a condition that occurs when veins around the anus (external hemorrhoids) or just inside the anus (internal hemorrhoids) become distended and inflamed. They can cause a number of symptoms – usually just irritating, not dangerous, and treatable at home – but sometimes they can become infected or bleed heavily, prompting urgent intervention and even surgery.


Apple cider vinegar has numerous different health benefits and it is used in the treatment of many different health conditions. Hemorrhoids is one condition among all others that can be treated with apple cider vinegar. You can use it topically or orally, because it has equal effects.


This method is highly beneficial for bleeding, external and internal hemorrhoids. This treatment will help you stop the bleeding in no time.


The procedure is very simple. You need to soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar (dilute if it is necessary) and apply it to the external hemorrhoids. Leave it for 30 minutes to act. If it is necessary, you can repeat this treatment on daily basis. If you suffer from internal hemorrhoids, freezing ACV is ideal. All you have to do is to freeze it like a “bullet” and then push it frozen like that into your anus.


You will notice the results after just 24 hours.


After starting this process, you should consume soft foods for three days.

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