Take a Look At Yourself And Find Out: What Do Acne Say About Your Health (Video)!

Ancient Chinese medicine claims that acne doesn’t appear on certain body parts accidentally. Every type of acne hides the cause of its appearance and it can say a lot about our health.








Acne on the ears is a sign of kidney problems while the spots on the inside part of the ear and around the ear lobe point on body dehydration e.g. the organism contain too much salt and caffeine.



Acne on the back can be a consequence of bad hygiene, especially if you have a problem with excessive sweating. It’s familiar that our skin is an organ which releases us from toxins by detoxification.



When acne appears on the chest, it can be a sign of an increased function of the sweat gland, connected with hormonal changes. Among the causes, we include bad hygiene, stress and even the usage of powder.



Acne appears on your arms because of increased production of keratin, which gathers around the hair follicles. The irregularities on the skin of your arms can also be caused because of bad circulation or lack of vitamins.


Acne and spots on the forehead are a sign of digestion problem or to be more precise small intestine problems. Besides digestion, this can also be a sign of dehydration, so you should increase the intake of liquids.




If acne appears on your chin or the upper lip.they’re probably because of menstrual cycle problems. If they appear on the right side of your face, it means that the right ovary is in the process of ovulation and vice versa.

Ancient Chinese medicine claims that there’s a connection between the acne on your chin and small intestine problems and they’re caused because of fatty food.



Spots and stains on your eyebrows and eyelids reveal that you eat food rich in fats, but they also show that you have a problem with your adrenal gland, which can be disturbed by stress.

Take a good look and find out what do acne reveal about your health:





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